Estate Planning

Carrier Financial specializes in Estate PlanningAvoiding Probate With proper planning, your family will not have to go through delays in court and pay thousands of dollars unnecessarily to settle your estate when you die.

The Colorado Supreme Court says it is your right to be able to do this and it is very simple and inexpensive to set up.

Estate Taxation Both federal estate taxation and income taxes need to be addressed. There are numerous solutions to eliminating or paying the lowest tax possible on both of these. As a taxpayer, it is your right to never pay more than you actually owe.

Leave your estate to your heirs, not to the IRS.

Tax Free Money to Your Spouse & Heirs With proper planning you can leave both a tax free income and a tax free lump sum.

Beneficiary Designations We will check these for you to make sure they are done properly and no one is inadvertently disinherited.

Special Needs and Spendthrift Kids Trusts are often used to have their funds managed to last them for as long as you choose.

Leaving Special Gifts to your Grandkids

IRA’s that are made to last three generations

Charitable Giving can be easily accomplished even without reducing the amount you intend to leave your family if you choose.

Here are questions you may have that we will help you answer:

  • How can we avoid the expense and costly delays of probate?
  • What are the best ways to arrange our beneficiaries?
  • Should we have a will or a trust?
  • What other legal documents are important to protect us and our family?
  • Am I paying too much in income tax that I am not aware of?
  • Will we be hit with federal estate taxes?
  • What are the best ways to minimize or eliminate income taxes to my spouse and heirs on my 401k, IRA, 457, 403b, and other retirement accounts.
  • How should we select our personal representative to settle and or manage our estate?
  • Are Powers of Attorney necessary?
  • Should we have a living will?
  • What are the best ways to give to our kids and grandkids?
  • What if we have kids that are not good with money?
  • What are the best ways to give to our church, synagogue and other charitable organizations?